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LG Kompressor Canister PetCare Plus Vacuum Cleaner

If you are a pet lover, LG Kompressor Canister PetCare Plus Vacuum Cleaner is the right solution to all your problems of removing pesky pet hair. We often struggle in constantly emptying our vacuums after a single round of cleaning. This really consumes time! Perhaps you are wondering how to penetrate those hard to reach areas of the carpet to pick up all annoying animal hair without squandering precious time. So for that challenge, LG has come up with a vacuum machine that features topnotch performance in cleaning large sections of your carpet. This machine is specially designed for homes that have domestic pets to ensure that those niggling furs and hair follicles are sucked up from your carpeted floors. The advanced device uses motorized system of compression in reducing dust cloud while vacating the bin. It also applies DualForce suction for exceptional removal of dirt through the two extra air channels. LG Kompressor includes a suite of accessories such as dusting brush, auto rewind coil, telescopic wand and the Pet Hair Turbine tool.


Design and Construction

The latest LCV900B PetCare Vacuum Cleaner from LG packs various innovative features that the company has maintained in its line of low-profile models. The canister design of this model provides easy accessibility to a number of tools, including the pet hair tool, telescopic wand and 2-in-1 crevice tool which can be easily kept in the canister itself. LG Kompressor is crafted by a blend of plastic and metal materials making it a good device to manipulate when cleaning.

Motor Power

The most amazing and time-saving characteristic of LG vacuum devices is the Kompressor Technology. This is due to the effectiveness of a motorized wiper found in the vacuum cleaner which compresses all kinds of dirt. So, at the time you are cleaning, it will save your time in two manners. Initially, you don’t have to spend hours emptying the canister since the motorized tool already “squeezed” the pet hair, dust and dirt inside the canister. Secondly, the LG unit enables you to dispose the compressed contents with no worries about extra mess. This system of motorized compression allows you to pick up 3 times more dust and dirt compared to models that are non-compressors.

Suction Capacity

LG Kompressor Canister PetCare Plus Vacuum Cleaner uses DualForce suction for cleaning hard-to-reach areas around your house. The method takes action where two air channels suck the dirt from both directions in cooperation to the conventional core section making a more extensive range of suction. This method of cleaning is functioned by the motorized tool bar which offers superior cleaning performance. Aside from that, cleaning becomes more comfortable as the machine uses 21 foot long retractable cord which you can quickly get where you need to go.

Color and Dimension

LG Kompressor Canister Vacuum looks great with its attractive plastic-metal-electronic design. It measures 11.7 inches long x 13.7 inches wide x 19 inches high and weighs 28.4 pounds.

Additional Features

Aside from its popular DualForce suction and Kompressor technologies, the best vacuum cleaner from LG also features genuine HEPA filtration for its ability to capture pollens, dust mites and other typical allergens found at home. It is also remote controlled so you can adjust the mechanic settings and power without going back to the machine’s position.

Included Accessories

Don’t waste your time looking for the best vacuum cleaner that also removes pet hair. This may be one ultimate solution to that problem. As you decide to purchase one, get a hold of the canister vacuum model LCV900B from LG with Kompressor and DualForce suction along with its accessories; 2-in-1 dusting brush/crevice tool, telescopic rod plus 5 years of manufacturing warranty.

Product PROs

Let’s get into the real thing. Is LG Kompressor Vacuum successful in its performance among customer homes? Well, as revealed by vacuum cleaner reviews on Amazon, it seems that the machine has got the approval rating of many users. Here’s a quick summary of those advantages:

    Impressive suction power for wider cleaning areas.
    The efficient role of Kompressor tech for easier dumping of canister contents.
    The presence of spin brush along with the DualForce suction for comprehensive cleaning.
    It’s easy to navigate and has flexible adjustments for above floor cleaning.
    Light, quiet and functional.

Product CONs

In contrast with the abovementioned advantages, there are few customers who didn’t find contentment about the total performance of the vacuum. But the most common complaints are regarding the weight of the unit itself and the extension rod which is quite heavy to lift. Some may have been contented but still demand more improvements on some detail especially the unit attachments.

Consumer Ratings

One user stated in his review that they’ve made the best decision to buy LG Kompressor. The vacuum was easy to handle and works quietly without any noise that might trigger his kids to go out while he is cleaning. He also added that the compression system of the unit works great, easy to clean and requires no bags (since it is a bagless vacuum).

Another reviewer made a remarkable impression by his candid assessment about the product. He started with the words “speechless” to describe his observation on the unit. He expressed that LG Kompressor LCV900B is 100% as it is advertised. It’s easy to assemble together, endowed with great suction power and has versatile cleaning options.

Out of 96 vacuum cleaner reviews on, 64 rated it with five stars and on the average the unit garnered a satisfactory 4.2 stars. This simply means LG has done a great job!


LG Kompressor LCV900B PetCare Vacuum Cleaner is a top quality home appliance. This cleaning machine can assist you decrease the length of time you devote in cleaning. It offers you with a great way to eliminate dust, dirt and pet hair from the bag-less container. With a reasonable price and notable features, it’s a thing worth of your investment.

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