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Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away NV501 review

Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away NV501 review
The Good: Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away (NV501) may be a veritable master of skillfulness. It comes with such a lot of attachments and accessories that you just square measure just about sure to have the correct brush for the work at hand.

The Bad: It did not lead throughout performance testing. Then again, it costs $450 less then a number of its competition -- and in several cases the results were solely marginally worse.

The Bottom Line: The Shark may be a excellent vacuum with solid construction and intuitive style. Different models could have performed higher, however none of them will match this sweeper's price for the value.

The $199 Shark Rotator professional Lift-Away home appliance had plenty to prove at the get-go of this review. It claims to "clean carpets higher than the Dyson DC41" on the box. Thus, I tested it against the $649 DC41 (and the $499 DC50 permanently measure). To diversify alittle additional, I conjointly compared it to the $399 Oreck and also the $309 Electrolux preciseness Brushroll Clean.

The $200 Shark is that the least pricy of the 5 models and makes pretty lofty performance claims. So, is it rely better than a Dyson? Well, yes and no. I'd advocate it over either Dyson as a result of it's a additional all-round machine. It offers smart style, usability, and performance, and it's wonderful options. each Dysons struggled within the style department, whereas the dearer DC41 outperformed the Shark (on carpet and all over else) and also the less costly DC50 performed on par with the Shark.

And compared to the Oreck and also the Electrolux, it's far more a matter of preference. The Shark may be a fantastic budget vacuum that holds its own against these 2 in usability and options, albeit with slightly lower performance marks. Still, I'd extremely advocate this vacuum. It offers the simplest worth of any of the models and its multitude of accessories can delight the additional thorough cleaners among you.

This is a well-favoured vacuum, however it is not attempting to look high-end just like the different models. it is a shiny white machine with red accents that belie its additional trendy practicality. fortuitously, its slightly dated style does not appear to harm its construction within the least. it is a solidly designed vacuum with sturdy parts.

The wand feels durable and secure, the clear bin is not flimsy (as was discovered in each Dyson models), and also the vacuum is snug to hold around in canister mode. simply do not expect this $200 budget purchase to own an equivalent style options as a dearer model, and you will not be thwarted. I do quite would like there was the way to urge all of the varied Shark attachments and accessories to suit on the vacuum, though. the various elements would doubtless find yourself scattered around my house.

I gave the Shark the very best attainable rating during this class. You actually cannot convalesce than this, particularly after you think about worth and price. Using it as a upright model, it's a pivoting head and headlights. It additionally comes with a wand accent just like the different models and suction adjustment like the Electrolux.

To the wand, you'll add a versatile crevice tool for vacuuming corners, a utile tool that will well on upholstery and exhausting surfaces, a straight suction floor nozzle for choosing up stuff huge and little from blank floors and space rugs, an influence brush to require on pet hair and dirt from carpeted stairs and fabric, a good upholstery tool for obtaining pet hair and dirt from materials, and a dusting brush. It also can switch between associate degree upright and a canister vacuum thus you'll carry it around whereas exploitation the cleanup wand, or set it on high of the canister caddy, that rolls around whereas you are in wand mode. The Dyson DC41 gets the nearest to the current variety of brush accessories, however still cannot extremely vie with the Shark on options.

The Shark gets a really sensible usability score. Considering the amount of accessories offered on this unbelievably standard machine, there was an opportunity that it might appear cumbersome and awkward. However, that simply is not the case. It could not be easier to convert the vacuum from upright to canister, set the canister on the caddy, or extend the wand and add varied brush attachments. The bin, too, is simple to open and restore in situ, though almost as straightforward because the Electrolux. Also, its pivoting head makes for one mobile model which will go anyplace and do just about something. it is also fifteen.5 pounds, that is lighter than the seventeen.2-pound Electrolux model i prefer such a lot.

In order to deliver a comprehensive review of this vacuum, I tested it on skinny low-pile carpet, thicker midpile carpet, and hardwood. On every surface, I scattered fruity Cheerios, sand and wood, pet hair, human hair, and washers, nuts, and policeman pins to check differing types of practicality. and that i learned that the Shark will okay, though not yet because the Dyson DC41, the Oreck, or the Electrolux. Still, it very affected Pine Tree State -- it's solely $200, folks.

Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away (NV501)

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