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Evolution Robotics Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, 4200

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Evolution Robotics Mint Automatic Review


Review By Lee Ping Wang - Positive:
I live in a 1-bedroom apartment with hardwood floors, except for a linoleum kitchen and tile bathroom (total 560 sq ft). Mint excels at cleaning them all. I start it every day before I go to work, and when I come back there’s always a fair amount of dust on the cleaning cloth. Thanks to Mint, my floors are exceptionally clean and comfortable.

When I run Mint at home, I hardly notice it operating except when it runs into a wall or if we happen to be in the same room. It cleans systematically and is very thorough, first doing a zigzag across the room and finishing around the perimeter.
My kitchen and bathroom are raised 1/2 inch from the floor. This is enough to prevent Mint from entering the kitchen/bathroom when cleaning floors and vice versa.
Since I don’t own many cleaning cloths, I just clean the cloth with a vacuum every day.

I will say that the signal from the Northstar cube is not fully sufficient for Mint to navigate the entire apartment. If the signal is weak, Mint simply doesn’t explore the entire room. Thus, it’s a good idea to move the NorthStar cube from one part of the apartment to another to make sure that Mint covers everything.
I have seen Mint get tangled in wires and getting itself wedged under things (the robot is wedge-shaped, approximately one inch taller in the back), but this doesn’t occur with any regularity to be a major issue.
I’m extremely satisfied with this product and I’m very happy with the amount of time it saves me.

Review By ReliableRatingGal -  love it. You can really set it, and forget it! It is amazing. It is easy to “program” and it is compatible with SWIFFER PADS! YAY! When you have really messy floors, disposable swiffer pads will be the best thing to use with Mint. If you want to mop, you can! Just use the pads for the Mint already included OR the Swiffer wet ones. So versatile and small! It works in small and large rooms. You might wonder how it can clean thoroughly without removing furniture out of the way. Well, its GPS system and slow movement allows it to sense your furniture before it hits it, and if it DOES hit it, it is such a soft bump that it doesn’t damage anything at all. You can set it and leave the room and you can trust that it will clean for you. It saves you time. If you are a mom or college student, this rocks. With busy lifestyles, this saves you tons of time. While you cook, Mint can do the cleaning for you. If your room is full of a lot of debris, then, I recommend you sweep first…then do the Mint. Reason being that the mint is more of a floor polisher and mopper than sweeper. I don’t regret ditching this much money in a gadget. I’d do it all over again every day. Easy charging and does not overheat! You can breathe now and relax a little! Sip a coffee while Mint helps you out. You’ll love it so much you’ll have a pet name for it. Haha.

Review By J Stod - The Mint is my new best friend. In the couple months since purchase it has practically become a member of the family. We have wood floors throughout our house, two cats and a now 9-month old who had just started crawling when we bought the Mint. Before the Mint arrived my Wife and I were in a constant battle with our floors, trying to keep the dust, pet hair and general mess of life clean, and no matter how hard we tried our daughter would find whatever piece of ick was left behind and, of course, instantly put it in her mouth. The mint was the solution to all of that, it sweeps the floors spotlessly clean in a way we never could by hand, using cheap, disposable “swifter-type” dust cloths. We move the gps cube-thingy from room to room and the Mint does its job, seeking out and picking up every possible bit of dirt and dust. The mop setting works wonderfully too, we use it on the tile in our bathrooms. Whether mopping or sweeping the Mint gets into every corner and crevice and rarely gets stuck (it will tell you when it does).

The Mint has made a huge difference in the cleanliness of our home, reduced our work-load as parents and has honestly, as odd as it is to say, improved the quality of our lives. I can think of few purchases that I have ever made that I am as happy with as the Mint. If you have wood floors, or allot of hard surface flooring of any type in your home you really need to buy the Mint. Even if you think you are doing a great job keeping your floors clean manually you will be amazed at how much more dirt the Mint finds than you ever could. It is simply a must have for wood floor owners.

Review By – Gardening Tools - I bought this without realizing that it is not a vacuum cleaner or even a floor-sweeper in the traditional sense. It’s just a robotic Swiffer. I thought that meant I had made a mistake, because I didn’t see how a Swiffer could handle the clouds of Labrador hair that accumulate daily.

Much to my surprise, it handles enough of the hair to make my life easier. A lot of dog hair gets trapped under the pad, and the rest seems to tag along on the edges of the pad. When the Mint finishes cleaning, most of the dog hair in the room is gone. There might be a few clumps, which I pick up by hand.
I can clean 3 rooms on one charge.
I bought and am using Swiffer refills. The included cloths were excellent, but it is hard to clean the doghair off them. Disposable makes more sense.
I am imagine this would be A1-excellent for people without pets. For people with pets like mine, it is a welcome helper. I have not used the wet-mop function much.

Evolution Robotics Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner 4200


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